A Guide to Buying Durable and Stylish Guitar Straps


Apart from guitar straps being functional, they are also the perfect means to express a musician's personal style. The type of strap you use defines your personality and your sense of fashion. 

Remember that guitar straps are not just used with guitars but also used with a variety of other stringed instruments .Most importantly; you need to buy a strap that is durable, comfortable and very stylish to complement your fashion sense. Below are some of the types of unique guitar straps you need to know about.

The first type is nylon guitar strap. They are the most popular and affordable guitar straps. The reason why they are popular among guitar owners is because of the fact that they are dependable. This simply means that in case something fails, a nylon guitar strap will never disappoint to sort out the problem. They also take up little space and are quite easy to store away.

The other type of guitar strap is leather guitar strap. Nothing has ever beat leather if you ask me. Starting from leather shoes, handbags, seats and many more .Same case applies to leather guitar straps. The way they feel, smell and look is undoubtedly irresistible. The greatest advantage about leather straps is that they offer the widest range of options in terms of sizes, color and even style. You only need to take proper care of your leather strap and it will last for as long as you wish. Additionally, there are several styles of leather guitar straps in the market that you could choose from. If you want personalized guitar strap, you could contact reputable crafts men around your area to do as you wish depending on their ability. Some would want their names or that of their loved ones appearing on the strap.

The other type is suede guitar  straps. They are more expensive that the nylon straps but still quite affordable .They are also very popular among many people and boast of quite high sales. The other advantage of having this kind of strap is that they are able to be rolled up to compact size that makes it easier to be stored when not in use. You only need to buy from a popular brand so that you get quality products that will serve you for quite some time. These straps can also be used with dobros, mandolins ,guitars and many other instruments.